Fort Tryon Real Estate – Some Helpful Tips For Finding A Rental Property

Fort Tyron real estate in NYC is known to be one of the best places to live in the city, Located in Manhattan, the area extends from St Nichols Avenue to the Amsterdam Avenue and from 140th to the 145th Street. Since Fort Tryon is located on one of the highest points in the city, it offers a scenic point from where the views of Hudson River can be enjoyed. The skyscrapers in the area as well as the apartments are much in demand because of their views as well as their proximity to the Heather Garden and several other noteworthy gardens in the area.

Finding a Rental Property Suitable for Your Needs

Fort Tryon real estate is much in demand and therefore you should expect high rental prices. For many people, these apartments may not be suitable for their budget. However, it is best to negotiate before you take an apartment on rent. Even though it may seem that negotiations may not help, if you have the help of an experienced agent it would be possible to get lower rates. Real estate agents who have been in the business for long would be able to negotiate on your behalf and offer you lower fees and rental prices.

Things to Take care of before Renting an Apartment

Before you consider Fort Tryon real estate, it would be advisable to research a little and learn more about the area. You should also research about the rental prices in the surrounding areas and learn a little about the negotiating process before you contact a real estate agency. If the agent thinks that you are aware about the rental rates in Fort Tryon and that you know a little about negotiating, he/she would be more willing to make deal with the landlord.

Basically there are two types of listings that the agents will deal with, closed listings and open listings. For open listings in Fort Tryon, the agents will want to make a deal for one of the apartments on behalf of the client. What this means that there are several people seeking the same apartment and there are several agents that are trying to settle a deal. For closed listings, there would only be one agent who would have the right to close the deal for that apartment. Open listings are normally easier to negotiate since the agents would be in a hurry to close the deal so that they can get a commission. If you push the agent a little, you would be able to get lower rental rates and a discount on the fees.

If you follow these tips, you would be able to get Fort Tryon real estate options with lower rental rates than you would have thought.

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