Add Value to Property With Home Improvements

Home improvement is something that requires exhaustive assessment, meticulous planning and infinite reserves of funds. If done properly, it adds value to your home and makes it look remarkably stylish, elegant and sophisticated. On the contrary, a wrong up-gradation can not only make your property look shoddy, but also causes you to lose a lot of your precious money and time. Here are a few useful home improvement tips that will help you to add value to your property.

•Try to ascertain the actual reason for home improvement- Normally, people undertake home improvement for one of the three reasons; first, to get a good price for their property, second, to increase the aesthetic value of their home and third, to accommodate their extended family. If you are intending to sell your home, then all the enhancements should impress the prospective buyers. If are looking ahead to use the property yourself, then the improvements should be invaluable utilities.

•Mark out the regions in your home where improvements can be made- There are certain regions in a house where improvements work the best. For instance, the living room, where we spend more that 50% of our time, kitchen, where modern appliances and utilities are needed the most, and garden, which makes your outdoor space look exceptionally attractive as well as perks up your quality of life. If you have adequate amount of money at your disposal, you can also opt for loft conversion or erect an extra room or bathroom on your property.

All these alterations will make your property invaluable. However, one thing that you should bear in mind is that the enhancements should match the existing style of your home and should also be consistent with the size of the property and layout of the house. Moreover, also make sure that you have requisite permissions from the concerned authorities for the alterations.

•Chalk out a financial plan- Lots of money would be required to make improvements in your home. The construction material, workforce and professional advice are quite expensive. Can you actually afford home improvement? This should be the first question for which you should find an answer. Create an expenditure plan and accordingly make arrangements for the funds. You can either use your own savings or get a home improvement loan. Consider the pros and cons of both these alternatives before opting for any one of them.

•Seek professional advice- If home improvements are as simple as getting the door knobs changed, then you can do it yourself, However, for bigger and more complicated modifications, professional advice is essential. Although it is an expensive proposition, but it is certainly worthwhile.

•Sometimes small means big- At times, by merely giving the walls a new color or by changing the flooring, you can add value to your property. Another less expensive way to enhance the looks of your home is by replacing the old doors and windows with new, more stylish ones. All these small modifications will improve the saleability of your home to a great extent.

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Managing Property Without Losing Your Mind

There are two sides to every story; anyone will tell you that. So, it’s not surprising that the relationship between renters and owners can be, well, a bit strained at times. The balance between managing your property efficiently and productively, and keeping a friendly relationship with your renters can be a fine line sometimes, but here are a few tips to help you keep the balance.

1. Keep detailed records on every transaction that you and your renters participate in together. I once had an apartment manager come banging down my door, claiming that I was three weeks late with my last rent. Well, I had paid and paid on time and I had the cleared check to prove it. On the other hand, if you manage several different properties and received multiple checks every month, it may difficult to keep track of whom sent you what and when. That’s where tip number two comes into play.

2. Hire a management company. If you own one four-plex, then it’s probably not that hard to keep track of everything. But if you own multiple buildings with multiple units, it may be in your best interest to hire a company to manage it for you. Management companies, for a fee, will do everything from collecting rent and filling vacancies, to scheduling repairs and taking care of evictions if necessary. For, say a 10% fee, you can ease your mind when it comes to your properties.

3. Keep your renters’ suggestions in mind. Like the cliche, “the customer comes first” your renters are your customers. They are the ones providing you with income to live in your properties, thus allowing you to actually have your properties. That doesn’t mean that, should the son of a renter implore you for a half-pipe in the back parking lot, that you need to acquiesce. But, keeping your properties rented keeps your headaches down, and your profit margin up. If your (trust-worthy) renters state, oh, I don’t know, that they would stay there for a long time to come if you would just invest in air conditioning, you don’t necessarily need to call an installation company right away, but you do you need to think about it. Ask yourself these questions: “Would it make my units easier to fill, should there be a vacancy?” “Will it entice my trust-worthy renters to stay?” “Will it make me appear as a renter-friendly landlord, thus creating trust between me and my renters?” The goal is obviously to entice good renters to stay put.

There are many ways to manage your properties and to manage them well, but it can boil down to a few user-friendly tips: Keep detailed records. Hire a management company if your properties are too much to handle and keep detailed records about. Keep the suggestions of your credible renters in mind, and decide whether they will be of value to you in the long run. Abiding by these simple guidelines will make the world of property management easier to live in.

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How to Get Rich in Property Investment

Investing in properties is a sure but slow way of getting rich. Many people have become rich through property investment by steadily working at it. You don’t need to have a lot of money to start investing in properties. Because of the power of leverage, you can buy properties using other people’s money. The basic idea of property investing is that the lesser your money you can put into buying a property, the greater your chances of making a higher return on your investment. To better understand the power of leveraging, let’s compare investing in properties with investing in equities.

Power Of Leveraging:- Properties vs Equities
By investing $ 100,000 in equities, you get to control $ 100,000 worth of equities. A 10% increase in the price of your equity would generate a 10% profit in your investment (i.e. $ 10,000) while a 100% increase in the price of your equity would generate a 100% increase in your investment (i.e. $ 100,000). In contrast, by investing in a $ 100,000 property, you do not need to come up with $ 100,000 as you can apply for a loan from the bank to finance a major part of your purchase. It is common for banks nowadays to offer up to 90% margin of financing to assist you in your property purchase. Therefore, by investing only $ 10,000 of your money, you get to buy a $ 100,000 worth of property in which 90% of the property price is financed by the bank. A 10% increase in the price of the property (i.e. $ 10,000) would already generate a 100% increase in your investment as the money you put in is only $ 10,000. Wouldn’t it be easier for a property to increase by only 10% compared to the price of an equity to double before you make a 100% return on your investment? That’s the power of leveraging at work.

Capital Appreciation vs Rental Returns
To be successful in property investment, you will either need to make a huge capital appreciation from the disposal of your properties or generating good rental returns from your tenants. If you prefer to buy and sell properties only, then you will need to have the holding power or ample reserves to be able to meet your monthly bank installments (for properties that are financed via bank borrowings) before you eventually dispose off the properties at a profit unless you paid for them in full by cash. The other common option for most of the property investors starting out would be to rent out their properties to good paying tenants who are helping them to meet their monthly bank installments. Make sure that the monthly rental you receive from the tenant is more than the monthly bank installments to enjoy a positive monthly cash flow.

Once you have successfully rented out your property, rinse and repeat the process to build up your property portfolio and start enjoying this passive rental income so that you can let your properties appreciate over time to make a good profit later should you decide to dispose them off. Therefore, it is imperative for you to be a good and successful landlord in order to be a successful property investor. Always keep in mind that your tenant’s rent is paying for your mortgage and other expenses and this will eventually make you rich in the long run.

In my next article, I will provide some of the important tips to be a successful landlord in property investment, so stay tuned…

Written by: Juanita Chin
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How To Advertise And Value Your Property

When you decide to sell a property you have to get it valued and then advertises it. Here are a few tips that would help you.

Selling a property is usually never without hiccups. But with a little planning you can get the boat sailing. Property advertising and valuation are two key steps when planning to sell real estate. If you bat with elegance on these two pitches, you can be sure of getting the target selling your property in this case.

Advertising Property

Advertisement costs are high these days. Property owners need to deploy the best and most cost-efficient methods to get their message through:

* Ensure that all the necessary information is present in your advertisement. You should list down details like the address of the property, your phone number, email address, etc and the price range.

* Plant a sign at the front declaring that the property is on sale. Although it has been the traditional way to advertise a property, it still works.

* Advertise in popular local newspapers. There are various options regarding advertising in newspapers from a black-and-white ‘House for Sale’ advertisement to a colored one with pictures. The advantage of this method is that people who are truly interested in purchasing property read the property section.

* Advertise the property on local television networks. Conceptualize virtual tours of the property. Though you would have to shell out more than the usual methods, but consider the medium of the TV as it has a much larger audience.

* Brochures and local newsletters can be helpful. Hire a couple of local youths to distribute brochures in the local grocery stores, shopping centers or neighborhood functions.

* For going global, the most economic medium is the Internet. Prospective buyers of a good property are not only those residing locally. There are always people seeking relocation or those returning home from a stint abroad. With Internet advertising, you can tap this market.

Having Your Property Valued

For selling your property, you will have to first get it valued. A few tips would help you:

* Do the proper homework. Meet local real estate professionals to find out what prices properties in your area have recently gone for. The Internet is also a great medium to check out the price range in a locality. You are then better prepared to deal with the estate agents valuing your home.

* Choose at least five agents to value your house. That way you would be able to get the best possible value for your property.

* Prepare the property for valuation by cleaning and refurbishing it. Showcase it as if the valuation agent is a viewer. You want the real estate agents selling your property to appreciate your house. If they themselves don’t believe in it being an excellent purchase, why would they be interested in getting it sold?

* Inquire with the valuation agents as to how would they advertise your property: on what places do their properties appear, what newspapers do they advertise in, how many offices do they have, etc? Their way of marketing would play a crucial part in the sale.

* Ask clearly about the commission that an agent would seek for getting a property sold. There should not be any misunderstanding after the sale.

These tips would come handy when selling commercial properties, residential properties and foreclosures in Guilford, Connecticut.

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Useful Tips To Protect Your Property From Fire

Securing our house from future uncertainties with the help of a suitable property insurance policy is essential for every property owner. But at time the damage is far reaching and becomes difficult to handle. So it is better to take proper precaution through effective property guide to avoid such damages.

Apart from taking proper measures to avoid the common risks protect the property, it is also important to protect house from fire. In few seconds a small flame can become dangerous. Fire can rise the temperature of the house to 60 C to 300 C or even more. Inhaling that hot air can easily cause drowsiness, short of breathe that can led to death. Here are few simple tips to maintain house safety.

Ways to keep Your House safe

Fire can engulf the whole house in 3mins. When there is a fire the first thing to do get out of the house as early as possible. Avoid using the elevator, it is safe to use the stairs . Then call the fire brigade. If there is thick smoke it is better to crawl by keeping the head 1-2 feet above floor.
Dont touch the door directly. Find out whether it is hot or cold. If the door is hot it indicates that the fire is there in the next room .In that case it is better to keep that door closed to avoid the fire spreading into other rooms. It is better to take general precautions for the safety of property resources .
Draw out a proper plan with every family member to find out a proper solution to avoid sudden fire.
Practice that escape plan at least twice a year
Every member in the family should know how to unlock the doors in the house with proper key
If there is fire in one room then stuff all the cracks in that room to stop the smoke spreading into other room
Dont waste time in removing your possessions
It is important to be careful while cooking. Research shows that the common source of fire at home is the kitchen.
If you use gas cylinder for cooking , turn off the valves regularly after usage
Change the valves and pipes regularly
Never leave cooking unattended
Check the electrical applications carefully before using
Never overload the extension cord
Avoid touching electrical appliances with wet hands

It is important to be mindful to avoid making any sort of mistake. Following these simple tips along with conscious efforts from every member of the family will keep your house away from fire.

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Tips For Choosing The Right Houston Property Agents

We all need to purchase or sell property from time to time. One of the key factors that determines where an investment or sale is profitable or not is the agent that we choose. An unscrupulous broker can make you get involved in a transaction that can be really quite unprofitable for you.

For example, if you intend to buy real estate in the United States of America, your agent should tell you that it would be very prudent to invest in Texas. There are many reasons why Houston, Texas is a great place to invest in.

The first reason is that, unlike other States like Florida or California, it has borne the brunt of the slump which hit the real estate market quite well. The prices of properties in most States have plummeted like never before. However, things did not get so bad in Texas because the employment rates in this State were quite stable.

And what is really good news is that more and more people are coming to settle here. As people who are moving into this place are quite affluent thanks to the burgeoning growth in the industrial and services sector in Houston, you can be sure that if you invest in a real estate here, its price will increase in the next few decades.

However, to ensure that you do not end up investing a lot of money in an estate that is not likely to become more expensive in the coming years, you should go to the right Houston property agents. They are quite aware of the factors that are likely to make certain neighborhoods more sought after in the future. The good Houston property agents will direct you to those sites.

Since a large number of Houston property agents operate in this area; it is of utmost importance that you go to the right one. Inefficient or unscrupulous agents are likely to lead you to properties where they stand to get the most commission. However, the better real estate agents are more concerned about providing good service to their customers. The agencies that are in for the long haul know that if their clients are happy with their services; they will refer them to their friends. This is the basic difference between highly reputed and fly by night operators.

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4 Tips Investors Need To Know When Buying A Property

Everyone wants to have a successful property investment for a secure financial stability in the future. Many blunder their way into the investment and only earn below their expected goal, while others faced many hardships and often end up as failure in the venture.

Investors should understand first that it is not a good idea to consider property investments as a gamble. You can consider it as a game that you need to play right if you want to get the trophy. If it’s your first time to acquire a property as a long-term investment for future profit or income.

Here are some hot property investment tips to help you out.

1. Looking Into Its Potential Profit In The Future
Property investment is mostly about profit; you don’t dish out money just to get a property under your name – in truth, you are investing a property to get profit or income from it in the future. It is very important for investors to carefully consider whether the property they will be buying yields the most benefit to their long-term goal.

If you’re planning to use it as an income when you go into retirement, then make sure that the property you invest on will be popular in the market – as well as giving you the chance to set a good price for it that buyers and renters could never say no to.

2. Understand That This Is A Long-Term Goal
Keep in mind that investing in a property is never a short term goal. You can easily say that real estate is an asset that takes quite a while to liquidate, especially if you’re waiting for the right time to sell it out for bigger profit. Even if the property doubles its market value in 5 to 10 years, you don’t force yourself to sell when you think that its value is not enough to give you profit aside from returns from your investment.

3. Research The Market
Research and planning is a very good strategy if you wish to have a successful property investment. Knowing the facts in advance will give you the edge in the market – purchasing the right property that holds the most profit gain in the near future.

Check out the status of the real estate market before the investment. Make sure that prices of properties are its lowest to get the best deal out of the project.

4. Budget For The Purchase
Don’t ever go into the purchase of a property as your investment if you don’t even know how much you can safely dish out for it. Many investors who end up in failure tend to just buy the first property they find appealing without even considering whether they will get a return of what they invested in the first place.

It is very important to consider how much is your investment in the real estate market before starting with the look-up. Consider carefully the budget to ensure that what you dish out will not inconvenience your finances, as well as giving you a guarantee that you will be getting some returns in the future when your investment bears its fruit.

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Tips For Buying Commercial It Property In Gurgaon

Gurgaon is one of the bustling cities of India and located just adjacent to its national capital. It is the most developed city of the National Capital Region and home to the head offices and branches of several MNCs and BPOs, as well as large Indian firms. It is aptly called the millennium city, since its development commenced upon the advent of the new millennium and it has moved from strength to strength in the past decade and has become one of the best places for buying commercial property. With the Delhi Metro service available in Gurgaon now, this city has everything that it requires for a business to succeed.

IT firms are especially drawn to Gurgaon due to the provisions provided by the authorities, affordable rates of amenities and availability of cheap office for rent. Due to its strategic location, this city has become one of the best places to buy land or property. Almost all international organizations of repute have set up camp here, thereby providing the best employment opportunities to the deserving parties. In the IT Park established in the millennium city, the concerned individuals can find facilities that are at par with those found on an international scale. But there are some general guidelines that people adhere to while taking up any Gurgaon property for commercial purposes.

A respectable IT office space constructed in Gurgaon is designed by teams of Indian and international architects, who collaborate to develop state-of-the-art units. These offices must have hi-tech communication centers, 100% power backup and Wi-Fi enabled systems, features that are pre-requisites for all IT firms. Other important features the people must ask for are aesthetically designed landscapes, multi-level parking, 24-hr CCTV surveillance, car hailer system etc. Coupled with fire fighting provisions, structure designed for highest seismic considerations and health club & gym, an IT Park that offers the above mentioned facilities becomes the dream workplace for all employees. All leading organizations engaged in the construction industry of the millennium city offer best in class commercial properties at reasonable rates to the interested parties.

While zeroing upon the commercial Gurgaon property, the buyers must take care of the location of the units. A building like Boulevard is located on the Sohna Road, which is perfect since it offers the employees all the requisite conveniences in terms of transportation. The strategic location of this building and others like it ensures that it is easy to reach even in peak traffic hours and people do not have trouble in accessing it by road. Also, any company planning to take office for rent needs to be sure that all facilities are best in class and certified by the requisite authorities. By keeping these tips in mind, anyone can find a suitable Gurgaon based IT Park for their business.

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Letting Your Property – Some Simple Tips

property tips
by quapan

This article provides a few basic tips to evoke in order to successfully let your property.

Using a letting agent

Try to use a letting agent, which is registered with a regulatory body such as UKLA (UK Association of Letting Agents) or ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agents). In doing this you are assuring that your agent offers a high standard of service and will adhere to a code of practice provided by these bodies.

Designing a tenancy agreement

Use the services of an experienced leasehold solicitor in order to draft a comprehensive tenancy agreement. If you believe that you are able to draft this document on your own then it is a good idea to at least have this checked over by a solicitor.

When getting the leasehold agreement drafted try to highlight areas in which you are willing to be more flexible towards tenants. In the current financial market finding tenants has become more difficult. Think about your stance on pets, smokers and restrictions on decoration when you are drafting the relevant provisions. Not only this but consider whether or not you would be open to accepting short term lets. Short term lets are not always a bad thing, they can provide you with some quick no fuss income. There is also the chance that a short term lease will develop into a long term arrangement in the future.

Showing your property

In order entice tenants into letting your property it is important that you present your property well. This should involve basic redecoration and replacing furnishings where necessary. The more appealing your property is the more chance you will have of renting it out and more than likely the wider choice of tenants you will have to chose from.

Keep in touch with your letting agent and enquire as to what steps they are taking to advertise and push your property on the market. If you have received no interest after a considerable period of advertising, ask the advice of your agent as to why they think this might be. It may be that your lease agreement needs tweaking or that the rent you are asking for is unrealistically high.

Energy performance certificates (‘EPC’)

A landlord must provide an energy performance certificate for all prospective tenants wanting to rent a property. The purpose of this certificate is to show these tenants how energy efficient the property is. The EPC shows both the energy efficiency rating and environmental impact rating for the property. An EPC report is valid for 10 years, you do not need to re-commission another report when your current tenant moves out.

The EPC report will contain some recommendations for the property in order to lower its ratings. A landlord is under no obligation to implement these changes, however if a physical change must be made to the property it will be you, not the tenant that is responsible. If the report contains some behavioral advice for the occupiers of the property, then it will be up to the tenant if they want to follow this advice. If the EPC report comes back with particularly high ratings then you should take steps towards improving this prior to renting out the property.

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Tips for Those Who are Buying Waterfront Property

property tips
by Hendel

Having a villa fronting a beach or the tranquil waters of a lake or river never fails to make it to the top of the list as the preferred home that often remains a dream. And once you’ve achieved a muscled financial independence, don’t end up getting a condominium unit in the heart of the city which can be quite useful for daily work. But never lose sight of the dream. Nothing really beats a waterfront property as an investment or a place you can retire in. But to be fully satisfied in what you’re getting, here are few things to consider:

? Know where you want your waterfront property to be. This is often better answered when you also have a clear grasp of what your want to do. Do you want to go for a swim most of the time, go fishing, boating, or host outdoor parties. A beachfront party facing the beach of the Atlantic if you leave is the east coast or the Pacific if you live in Hawaii or California is tops on the list. Swimming, boating and hosting beach parties can be just a few walks away. It’s also a good thing to consider whether you want a rustic suburban setting which is more secluded or an urban setting where the commercial malls are just a few minutes’ ride away. A lakefront property is another option, whether natural or artificially made like the Table Rock Lake in Missouri. You won’t get sand beaches there, but fishing is great.

? Do some research on your own about federal and state proper laws governing waterfront property ownership. Your real estate broker should know or have colleagues in the state or town where you want to purchase your property. But it’s always a diligent thing to have some knowledge about it. If you plan on building a boat house on a lake, check with local ordinances as there may be restrictions in doing so.

? Like with any property, you should have an ocular inspection of what you are getting. Bear in them in mind the waterfront properties are often the most expensive given the same lot and house size. Be especially wary of cheap too-good-to-be-true deals on waterfront property as they could suffer flooding problems when the waters are at its high tide conditions. Or the waters could be so polluted as to make swimming or fishing impossible. You will have problems insuring the house if the water levels have seasonal variation to threaten flooding. Do talk with neighbors and local officials to verify this as the broker will hardly divulge these things.

? The clearer the waters, the better but that also makes the prices higher. Properties fronting clear rivers and lakes are the most expensive with all things equal.

So there you have it, a few simple and resourceful tips for you if you are looking to get a good waterfront property without going through the wrong steps and possibly regretting your decision later.

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