Tips On How To Buy Your Own Property

In buying in an auction property house, there are things that should be considered. This means that it is not as easy as you think. However, there are ways especially if you have your eyes on that property.

In a residential auction property, the seller may have some reasons on why the property is being auctioned. It can be because of bankruptcy, the seller will migrate or it has been repossessed by a bank.

If you are really interested in acquiring a home in an auction, follow these tips and get the property you always want. Read on my friend.

Tip 1 Prepare

Before going to an auction, you should prepare your budget. In this way, you are not bidding for a property that is not on your budget list. Remember that the highest bidder will get the advantage so be prepared especially on your budget.

It is also a good thing for you to have a pre requisite in researching about an auction property house. You can take note on the bidders, what type of property, the price of the house including all the details of the property to be auctioned.

Tip 2 Check

You should also check the property being sold with your own eyes. Although you can see in a residential auction property that there are some details about the foreclosed home, it is best to check if the details mentioned are true.

You can also check the surrounding area of the property. In this way, you will determine if it is easily accessible, near a school, a hospital and other amenities that you would want especially if you have a family or just starting to have one.

The property you want to buy should also have insurance. This is to ensure that there are no problems in case you have successfully bid for the house.

Another to check with the auction property house is to determine if the documents of the foreclosed property is complete. In this way, you know that everything has been prepared prior to the auction and bidding.

Tip 3 Bid

After everything has been thoroughly investigated, you would want to prepare and arrive early at the residential auction property bidding. You should also bring the necessary documents because you will be a part of the auction and registration is a must. You will be given an auction paddle to bid.

Tip 4 Be vigilant

At the time of bidding, make sure that you are vigilant on how to bid. This is to be sure that you are able to buy the property. Simply raise your hands with the auction paddle if the price is right. However, if the price exceeds with your expected budget, avoid unnecessary movements especially in moving your hands since the auctioneer might think that you are bidding.

These are just 4 tips that you have to know in an auction property house. You can know more tips by checking other auction sites that provide properties that are fit for you.

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Smart Tips To Protect Your Property For Less

Economy crisis could be ending, but the numbers of thefts from our homes, cottages, garages are not reduced. In Toronto and Vancouver crime statistics are breaking records. Solving this problem efficiently can be achieved with installation of alarm and video surveillance.

What security cameras in Vancouver are rightfor house or cottage?
Popular brands for security camera products like Pelco or Boschcould be veryexpensive.Sometimes cost of video surveillance system could reach thousands of dollars. On the other hand, there are a lot of affordable security products withoutbrand name. In fact, products with no brand have same components and picture quality as branded. In addition most of no name manufacturers offer warranty up to three years. So, why spend extra on a label that majority of people dont really know.

Alarm systems like DSC are made in Vaughan, Ontario. This is the most trusted name for alarmmanufacturer in Canada. Complete home alarm system including controller along with two motion detectors, door/window contacts and siren will cost around $ 200 – $ 250. DSC systemscan be purchased at anyTri-Ed distributor location in North America. There are also non-brand alarm systems imported from Asia.Non-brand alarms cost less, but unreliable and tend to make false alarms.

Toronto and Vancouver alarm security companies lease system with zero down. For approximately $ 25 – $ 35 per month you can have home alarm installed and monitored.If we take averageof$ 30 per month for alarm monitoring based on three year term contract,after three years total paid for service would be $ 1080. At this point you can cancel service and return the hardware,or continue monitoring at the same monthly fee.

Another option is to pay for alarm system and installation upfront. We are talking about $ 300 – $ 400 including wires and programming.Controller can be programmed in two ways. In case of alarm, system can dial your cell phone or send TEXT message with problem description. It can also send signal to monitoring center that monitors alarms 24/7. Monitoring center is what security companies use to monitor their accounts. Alarm providers pay tomonitoring center about $ 4 – $ 7 per account per month. For direct clientsthere is company called The Monitoring Center andcost only $ 9.99 per month.

Some homeowners choose to installsecurity cameras and alarms by themself. Without proper knowledge and education they canface problems like false alarms and areas that left unprotected.
Remember, cost of damage caused by the visit of uninvited guests, usually several times higher than the cost of quality security system.

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San Diego Property Management Companies

Using a reputable San Diego Property management company for managing your rental units, condominiums, homes, or any other properties that you own will give you peace of mind that affairs are being taken care of and the valuable collection of rent is being deposited at regular intervals into the property bank account. Seeking a career in the field of property management offers a lot of opportunities for individuals and is included in one of the profitable careers in real estate.

Property management creators are usually found to be made up of three different categories: leasing, administration, and management. Most of the property management duties are performed with onsite staff for the fact that they will need to show apartments to individuals while they process paperwork and payments. They also have to pass along information to people who call in for this it. To be successful in this profession an individual should be proficient and comfortable with the selling process along with dealing with individuals on a daily basis.

Another aspect of property management is having excellent phone skills and having the ability to politely answer a customers questions. Speaking to potential customers on the telephone fills up a large portion of a lease consultants work day. That being said, it is extremely important that the consultant has these skills and ironically enough, many property management positions struggle with taking these things into consideration.

In many respects, the position of a leasing agent for a San Diego property management company is a sales position. It is actually critical that agents possess solid sales experience and are able to interact with a wide variety of people. This is obviously due to the amount of different phone calls that would come in from renters throughout the complex having questions or even repairs that need to be done immediately or are scheduled. Not only that, but many new inquiries from potential renters come in daily.

Taking some time before you embark on a quest to find a new home needs to really include some research on the management of each potential place. With the Internet on our side there are many questions that you have that can be answered by just logging on. If you have any concerns about any company you come across, you may want to try contacting the Better Business Bureau to find out if there are any outstanding complaints about the company or not, which could become of great value to you.

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Top 5 Christmas Property Maintenance Tips

When it comes to good property maintenance, getting ready for Christmas requires a slightly different approach to the work you might be doing during the rest of the year. For example, your central heating will be a priority and if you have a fireplace then you will need to ensure this is properly kept. Plus, with all the gadgets and equipment you might be using during the festive season, it’s more important than ever to make sure your electrics are in safe working order.

Here are the top five property maintenance tips for making your Christmas home as safe and secure as possible for a genuinely stress-free Christmas.

1. Chop wood in preparation

Many people like to have a fire going during the Christmas period in addition to their central heating. If this is the case in your home, be sure to prepare enough coal or properly sized logs of wood in advance so you don’t have to trudge around in the snow or other inappropriate weather condition in a last-minute struggle.

2. Get your chimney swept

Another property maintenance priority for those with working fireplaces will be to clean the chimney. If you regularly use your fire then it is a good idea to get your chimney swept by a professional chimney sweep once a year. Fortunately this job does not usually incur a huge cost and you should be able to get the job done for less than 50 pounds. It will be easier to find someone to sweep your chimney at short notice if you prepare for this in advance rather than waiting for the inevitable glut of people calling for chimney sweeps just as the weather turns cold.

3. Get your boiler serviced

Central heating is the last thing you will want to worry about over Christmas. As with getting your chimney swept, getting your boiler serviced will be easier before it starts to get really cold. You may even find prices are lower if you prepare well in advance of when you need to use your central heating. You may also want to consider upgrading your boiler – some of the new lines of boilers might save you as much as 30 per cent on your gas bills and they are generally less likely to break down than an older model.

4. Get your electrics checked

Over Christmas you are likely to be using an increased amount of appliances such as Christmas lights, increased use of cooking appliances etc, so it’s important to make sure that this won’t overload an already damaged system. Get your electrics checked by a certified electrician – this will ensure your electrics are in safe working order and you will find out if there are any electrics-related property maintenance issues you need to address.

5. Improve your insulation

Central heating is expensive and you can also help the environment simply by making sure your home is properly insulated. One simple check is to find out if your pipes are well insulated – this is also an important property maintenance measure as it will prevent them bursting during a cold spell at Christmas.

Aspect Maintenance offers a fully-skilled workforce who can handle all property maintenance issues, from the central heating to the drains to the roof, and anything in between.

Property Tips For Those Relocating To Austin

Are you relocating to Austin? Are you worried about where you will stay because the property prices in this city are somewhat high? Do not worry, all you have to do is go to the right real estate agent and you will be able to find a house or apartment at the right price.

There are primarily two disadvantages of trying to look for property without a good real estate agent. The first disadvantage is that you will require a very long time to find people who are willing to sell or let out property if you do not take the help of an agent or broker. However, even if you have some distant relative or a friend of friend who is willing to sell a house, you will not be able to determine the right price of the property without the help of an experienced agent.

Actually rising property prices is a good sign and it is a good idea to purchase property in a place like Austin where there aren’t too many good houses that are yet to be sold. Many of the software giants are setting up shop in this city and therefore a large number of people are coming to stay in this city. Not only do these people need to stay somewhere, they also have the money to part with handsome sums to purchase or hire upscale properties.

There are several factors that determine the price of a property. If you are relocating to Austin, you may consider investing in a property in the city because the value of the house is likely to increase over a period of time. Only experienced real estate agents are capable of understanding why the prices of properties in certain parts of the city are likely to increase and why the prices of properties in other parts of the city are not likely to increase in the future. As a newcomer to the city, you will naturally want to purchase a property which is going to yield returns in the long run.

Finding a good broker is indeed a difficult task if you are relocating to Austin. Go to Austin Discount Realty for advice from an experienced and honest broker.

Tips in Renting your Property

Rental option is one of the most common and timely choices that individuals have particularly for their housing needs. Renting a house is much cheaper and affordable in comparison to home buying which will definitely require you a hefty amount to deal with. Furthermore, you need to secure a home equity loan which is definitely a time-consuming and tedious task to begin with. Thus, if you want to spare yourself the hassle of buying a house, then rental option is the best alternative. For home owners who have the available resources, renting out their house is a reliable income generating option. As this is a valuable investment, make sure that you know the proper ways on how to lease your property in an effective and quick way.

Advertisement is one of the most important components needed in leasing out your house and finding the tenants to occupy the place. There are houses which have multiple signs on their entrance. These are somehow confusing signage which may cause more harm than good. For instance, signs are made to give a function for direction especially in giving information to renters regarding your property. Hence, make sure that you provide only one yet informative signage to help your tenants. You may also include your contact information where they can communicate with you and ask queries about the place. You can also make use of other media such as flyers, classified ads and the like. If you are going to promote your house in the newspaper or internet, be sure that you provide a good and quality picture to give renters an initial preview regarding the property.

After making sure that people know about the house you are planning to lease, take care of salient issues associated to the quality and overall condition of the house. Start with the curb appeal and outdoors where you need to give a lasting and positive impression on your would-be tenants. You need to clean and de-clutter your surroundings as a starter and to create a professional look. Trim hedges and overgrown weeds, water your greenery and other foliage which adds attraction to your exterior. If you have sidewalks and driveways, make sure that you have carefully addressed repairs and fixtures on them since these are two of the first things people see upon seeing your house.

The inside of the house is another important area to prepare should you want to rent out your property as quickly as possible. When tenants check the property to decide whether they want to rent it or not, make sure that you have thoroughly prepared and readied the surrounding. Have a general cleaning to ensure that they do not stumble upon heaps of litters and other disorganized furniture. Dust everything and stage the house in order to create a lasting appeal and impression. De-personalize the rooms by getting rid of your family and personal items to make the place more welcoming to new and potential renters.

Renting out your house is indeed very timely and challenging at the same time hence give it your best shot to maximize what you have to a productive and profitable investment.


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Property Melkbosstrand: Selling Tips #8



In this series of short videos, I have put together ten tips to help you get your Property in Melkbosstrand, Big Bay Properties and Atlantic Beach Real Estate sold fast and for top Dollar.

Because your home is probably your largest asset, selling it is going to be the most important decision you make in your entire life.

So through these ten tips that I have gathered through current industry insider reports, I am going to show your how to reduce your stress, stay in control of your situation and, most importantly, make the most profit possible.

Tip #8: Turning A Low Offer Around

Firstly, make sure all your offers are reduced to writing and are on a comprehensive Offer To Purchase document.

You can counter a low offer or even an offer that is way below your asking price but remember, at this point, you are giving the buyer an offer.

It is a counter-offer and he can, and may, walk away from it.

At this point, it might be wise to throw in those curtains, those flower pots or that water feature that the buyer loved so much.

Now you will be dealing and negotiating with serious buyers.

Tip #9: Why An Exclusive Mandate?

Well, firstly to avoid double commissions.

Let us say that Agent A brings Mr Jones through your property in Melkbosstrand, Big Bay or Atlantic Beach and then a while later, Agent B brings Mrs Jones through your property. They both have a claim for commission.

Your Big Bay, Melkbosstrand or Atlantic Beach Real Estate also becomes top priority. A good agent can only handle so many properties and obviously, sole mandates get top priority.

You need time to secure the highest price possible. You will not be pressurised into signing that Offer To Purchase simply because the agent feels he might get pipped at the post by his competition.

In fact, a sole agent will create competition amongst buyers to try and achieve that higher price for your property.

Control: one price is cited, viewing times are set, advertising is consistent, one reason for selling is given. The list goes on and on.

The reality is; you lose total control when you are dealing with more than one agent.

Your property will not be used as a springboard. It is common practice for agents to use higher priced open mandates to show to their buyers first, before showing their properly priced sole mandated Atlantic Beach, Melkbosstrand or Big Bay properties, to make them look more attractive.

Remember, buyers buy by comparison.

No mandate, no motivation. Why would an agent spend all of his time, effort and money for no reward at the end of the day?

For me, networking is the best reason for giving a sole mandate. Because that sole agent will network your property to other agencies and agents, and invite them to bring their qualified buyers to view your property. That sole agent will then split the commission respectively with those other agents.

For further information on Property in Melkbosstrand, contact Team Broekhuizen on 083 410 7898.

Clive and Anna Broekhuizen both live and work on Atlantic Beach Golf Estate – ‘we live in paradise’. They have been bestowed numerous awards in their RE/MAX career. For more Big Bay Properties, Property in Melkbosstrand and Atlantic Beach Real Estate, go to or contact Team Broekhuizen on 083 410 7898.

Tips To Find Cheap Property In Spain

Recently there have been numerous low-price properties in Spain to purchase. Oversupply, which leads to a surfeit of new properties, is one reason for this. The Spanish market now belongs to the buyers, which makes people return more and more. Property in Spain currently is still be a good way to invest if you are in it for the long-haul.


It is not difficult to find Spanish properties below £150,000. But first, that old chestnut – location. Get this right, and you’re on to a good start. Mark Stucklin, head of Spanish Property (a property information website), advises: “In this market the strategy is clear: focus on established, desirable areas, then look for a good deal within that area. Everyone knows the location rule, but it’s the first thing that’s forgotten.”


Go for popular coastal locations with good rental or investment potential, such as the Balearics, the Costas, Marbella or Valencia. There are many locations inland that offer good value for money too, although you may need to look harder for somewhere with good amenities and ensure it’s not too isolated. “Look for quality of build and amenities, appealing surroundings that people can relate to,” adds Stucklin. Cities such as Barcelona and Madrid will always be popular, but property tends to be more expensive and appealing only to a niche market.


The type of property that’s offering the best deals is newly built, ‘key-ready’ accommodation, partly because there is so much of it just waiting to be sold. Paul McMullen, sales manager at Escape To Spain, explains: “There are some really good deals out there at the moment. The best I’ve seen are on new, key-ready homes. In many cases, the builders need to sell them in order to pay off the banks, so they are willing to accept up to 40 per cent less than the asking price just so they can close the sales office and move on to their next project.”


Victor Sagué, sales and marketing director at Taylor Woodrow de España, adds: “We have significantly reduced our prices on a selection of properties in line with the current market, with some homes now priced at just over £100,000. This has opened up the property market to those who may have previously thought they couldn’t afford to buy property in Spain.”


Julia Marriott and her husband, from Coventry, recently bought a townhouse through Taylor Woodrow at the Lagunas del Sol development in Riojales, Costa Blanca. Properties here were initially priced from £105,465. Julia explains: “We decided to move to Spain permanently to semi-retire. For us, the proximity to the UK was really important as we travel back to visit family. We looked all along the coast until we found Lagunas del Sol, and it just ticked all the right boxes for us. It’s close to the shops and beach, and our property overlooks the pool, which is great.”


Asked if she had any concerns about buying in Spain, Julia says they did, but they carried out their research carefully, choosing a good developer and location. “A good Spanish lawyer is essential!” she adds.


Lagunas del Sol is now sold out, but over in the Balearics, Taylor Woodrow is offering two-bedroom apartments at El Puerto II, Cala d’Or, Mallorca. Close to the beach and the town of Palma, the properties are set around a marina and are priced from £144,522.


If you’d prefer to buy inland, Key Ready Investments is marketing two-bedroom apartments near the historic city of Granada, Andalusia, for £83,638. Balcones de Iznalloz is a 90-minute drive from Malaga airport, and is also close to the Sierra Nevada ski resort. The complex features a large swimming pool, restaurant, gym and spa, and each apartment comes with a garage and storage room.


So, unlike the heady days of the boom, is off-plan now seen as too risky? McMullen says: “I wouldn’t advise anybody to buy anything totally off-plan at the moment – there’s just no point. Prices aren’t going up, so there’s no advantage – plus you always face the possibility that the developer might go bankrupt in the meantime, leaving you with a half-finished property and a legal headache in trying to recover your money. In the current climate buy something almost complete or key-ready.”


One example of a scheme that’s almost complete is being offered by Casas de Lorca. The Lorca Apartments, located very close the new Lorca University in Murcia, are due for completion in early 2009. The one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments are ideal for students and come with a guaranteed rental for three years. Prices start at £65,521 for a one-bedroom dwelling, and from £123,483 for three bedrooms.


If new-build’s not your bag, there are some good deals on resale (second-hand) properties, too. But be prepared to do some extra homework. McMullen explains: “Buying resales can be a little more difficult as you will find huge variations in price as some owners are more desperate to sell than others – so you can find identical properties within the same area for vastly different asking prices. The best advice is ask your agent what the same property would’ve sold for two years ago; if they are an established agent they will have this information, and then you can gauge whether it’s a good price or not.”


DLR Properties has on its books a resale two-bedroom Costa Blanca property, south of Alicante. Priced at £113,528, the property features an office annex and roof solarium. It is perfect for golf lovers, being situated between three golf courses – Villamartin, Campoamor and Las Ramblas – and is within walking distance of restaurants, bars and shops.


For something a little more romantic, Poets Cottage is a restored three-bedroom village house, on the market with Andalucia Exclusive for £142,842. Situated in the village of Arriate, near Ronda, the property retains many original features, including a well and a wood-burning stove. It has mountain views, a large terrace, and a garden with mature olive trees.


If your budget is really tight, Titan Properties is offering a two-bedroom terraced villa on the Costa Calida for an unbelievable £54,621. Located on the Camposol resort in Mazarron, Murcia, the property is within easy walking distance of an 18-hole golf course, clubhouse and four-star Spa hotel. It has never been occupied, and comes fully furnished with a suntrap roof terrace.


Or, if you fancy a restoration project, a large ruin is available in Almeria, with agent Casas de Lorca. The ruin comes with 30,000 square metres of land, with water and electricity, and offers the potential for four bedrooms. It is located in the peaceful countryside of Huercal Overa near Lorca, and is a short drive from villages, towns, beaches and a motorway. It is priced at £82,799.


Clearly, there are plenty of bargains on the market; provided you approach with care and research, and seek good legal advice, property in Spain can still offer a sound investment.


Taylor Woodrow’s Sagué agrees: “Unlike the newer emerging markets Spain is established and Brits have been buying property there for years, so providing you do your research you’ll have a good idea of what you’re getting in terms of product and location. If you look at Spain as a long term investment it will take some beating.”