Useful Tips To Protect Your Property From Fire

Securing our house from future uncertainties with the help of a suitable property insurance policy is essential for every property owner. But at time the damage is far reaching and becomes difficult to handle. So it is better to take proper precaution through effective property guide to avoid such damages.

Apart from taking proper measures to avoid the common risks protect the property, it is also important to protect house from fire. In few seconds a small flame can become dangerous. Fire can rise the temperature of the house to 60 C to 300 C or even more. Inhaling that hot air can easily cause drowsiness, short of breathe that can led to death. Here are few simple tips to maintain house safety.

Ways to keep Your House safe

Fire can engulf the whole house in 3mins. When there is a fire the first thing to do get out of the house as early as possible. Avoid using the elevator, it is safe to use the stairs . Then call the fire brigade. If there is thick smoke it is better to crawl by keeping the head 1-2 feet above floor.
Dont touch the door directly. Find out whether it is hot or cold. If the door is hot it indicates that the fire is there in the next room .In that case it is better to keep that door closed to avoid the fire spreading into other rooms. It is better to take general precautions for the safety of property resources .
Draw out a proper plan with every family member to find out a proper solution to avoid sudden fire.
Practice that escape plan at least twice a year
Every member in the family should know how to unlock the doors in the house with proper key
If there is fire in one room then stuff all the cracks in that room to stop the smoke spreading into other room
Dont waste time in removing your possessions
It is important to be careful while cooking. Research shows that the common source of fire at home is the kitchen.
If you use gas cylinder for cooking , turn off the valves regularly after usage
Change the valves and pipes regularly
Never leave cooking unattended
Check the electrical applications carefully before using
Never overload the extension cord
Avoid touching electrical appliances with wet hands

It is important to be mindful to avoid making any sort of mistake. Following these simple tips along with conscious efforts from every member of the family will keep your house away from fire.

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